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Homeopathy is a gentle, effective form of healing. It is a complete system that can be applied to any condition or disease. Entirely natural remedies encourage the body and mind to heal themselves as a whole.

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Homeopathy, Treatment

What is the treatment like?

When you attend for a consultation I will spend time getting to know all about you. I will be asking simple questions about yourself, your lifestyle, the past health...

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Homeopathy, Who's it for

Who's it for?

The answer is quite simple – anyone! Many are first drawn to homeopathy as an alternative to potentially harmful medications and there are those that use homeopathy...

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Homeopathy, What to expect

What to expect?

Patients often feel a sense of well-being, relaxation and optimism after taking a remedy. However, the speed of relief will depend on the condition you have...

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About Me

I qualified in 2005 at the College of Homeopathic Education in London. Since then I have treated many people of all ages, for a wide variety of ailments, including emotional trauma, breathing problems, infertility, children’s conditions such as autism, and skin complaints.

My passion for homeopathy has been developed through many years of providing treatments and improving people’s overall health and wellbeing.

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Homeopathy, Avril Brown
Avril Brown, MARH