Homeopathy in Pregnancy

Homeopathy Pregnancy

Homeopathy is a wonderful and safe treatment to use by women in their childbearing years.

During pregnancy some women will choose to live with the discomfort of complaints and the many emotional and physical changes of pregnancy, such as morning sickness, heartburn, urinary problems, anaemia, cramps, to name but a few, rather than seek treatment because of their concerns
of using orthodox medicines with regard
to their possible side effects to their unborn child.

Homeopathy recognises that symptoms such as these are an expression of disharmony within the body at the time of pregnancy, by using Homeopathic treatment the body’s vitality can be improved and the benefits of using such treatment are not only beneficial for you but also for the unborn baby. Using Homeopathy prior to conceiving and during your pregnancy can also help you and your baby to be as healthy as possible during this time.

There are also many remedies that are effective during the time of labour, that can help with situations such has irregular and weak contractions, slow dilation, retained placenta and remedies that encourage babies positioned incorrectly to turn and those that are too comfortable in their mother’s womb not wanting to be born!

Homeopathy is also wonderful for post birth healing, for you and your baby and helpful for mothers that wish to breastfeed but are having some problems either with a slow milk supply, sore cracked nipples or breast infections (mastitis). There is much we can help with that will encourage a positive experience for you and your little one.

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